The Suitcase

I ran across an old suitcase today. Not a big one, one for a day jaunt, and I thought, “Is there anything in it?” and I picked it up. There was! So as if it were Christmas, I opened it to find my favorite “around the house cover”, one of “fun” summer dresses, my favorite yoga pants (you know, the ones that make your buns look just so…), my FAVORITE detangler comb, which I thought had been lost forever, a silk scarf that matched nothing, and my favorite go to summer brassiere. 

Most importantly, I’d been reunited with one of my favorite dresses as it is my weight gauge. We all have something…If I lose another 10 pounds, I can fit in “that” dress/pair of jeans/skirt/suit or rather, “This is my perfect weight”. This dress was my measure, and it was in the suitcase.

All in all, it seemed an eclectic mix of things in the suitcase, and I can’t imagine where I’d been or was planning to go, as I am known to dash off to here, there, and never you mind. This mix of things just didn’t make sense, it was almost like someone was hiding some of my favs away from me, or I’d plan to go somewhere for just a moment or maybe I didn’t fully unpack.

It’s not that I hadn’t noticed the fact that the suitcase items were nowhere to be found, I really just chalked it up to having 3 rather full closets, a bit of clothes hoarding, and being a little disorganized in this area. The gauge dress was the kicker. It never really left my “fun” closet.

I thought I’d leave the mystery to you. What do you think? Have you ever found an unpacked suitcase? If so, what was your story and more importantly, what was in it? If you could add 5 things to a suitcase and leave somewhere now, where would you go…the possibilities are endless. What would the 5 things be in your suitcase? 

I’m sure something will jog my memory one day and I’ll have a eureka moment– perhaps I’ll add an addendum to this post. Until then…by the way, I did try on the gauge, and I have about 5 pounds to spare!