Returning to the Office

As many us are returning to the office, some of us are a bit leery because of the pandemic. Vaccinated or not, things have changed. Most of us experienced a challenge we had to adapt to working/schooling/living from our homes. Our once haven became a prison for the masses. The idea of escape was on all of our minds, and the only place to run off to, was the grocery store. I don’t think I’ve made so many trips for fruits and vegetables. I always mixed it up to keep it interesting: one day I’d go to Whole Foods, the next Trader Joe’s and then Mariano’s. We all had our coping mechanisms for working from home and now that we’ve adapted to it, we are now returning to the workplace. Some of us are anxious, timid, excited, exhausted and many just can’t wait!

It’s a new day, it’s a new time…

Here are some things to consider to make the transition a bit easier:

  • Go slowly. Discuss a transition plan with your employer, like work from home Mondays and Wednesdays

  • Ensure that your workspace is 6 feet apart unless you’re in an actual office

  • Take breaks. Go out or even home for lunch

  • Divide your work days from the office and from home 50/50

  • Consider starting your own business!!!

  • Keep sanitizer/Lysol at your desk

  • Post your must-haves where all can see it:

    • Must wear a mask

    • Must use sanitizer

    • Email or call is preferred

  • Keep a lavender or your preferred scented candle at your desk Light it if you can and smell it to feel relaxed and more at home
  • Seek a Life Coach who can give you tips on relieving anxiety and or stress

Don’t stress over it, but make working in the office work for you. Know that you are not alone in your fears, anxiety and concerns. The good news is that you’re gainfully employed!