Trusting My Tingles
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As a child I remember visiting the Chicago public library (the one with the two big lions…a huge sign for me). My parents would take the four of us on the weekend…occasionally my father would take the girls solo, perhaps to give my mother a much needed break. I was in awe at the number of books it held, and the apparent magic that the Dewey Decimal System provided.

Later, book stores, Barnes and Noble and Borders in particular, captured my fascination. I loved the smell of the stores, the fresh crisp pages of the books and remember noting the marked difference between the library and the book stores. I preferred the stores and could spend countless hours there. And I still can. I always wanted to have the ability to look up my very own book and find it there, in the store. I caught the bug early and it never really let go.

I had to learn to trust my instincts and tune out the nay-sayers. I talk about that in the book, how “friends” or family members provide messages, “you can’t, you’re not good enoughne of the reasons I was able to sit down and write the book was to help people, but also quiet those who doubted me. It surprised me when people suggested that I wouldn’t finish it or get it published.

Borders went out of business quite a while ago, however, Barnes and Noble remains. Today, my first book is sold on the site: andrea-wright/1123342936 and I couldn’t be more thrilled, I get the tingles just reliving all those moments and realizing that I realized a dream.

When you trust your tingles, who knows how far you’ll go. Join me on my journey…or let me help you on yours.

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