Navigating the Challenging Manager

We=E2=80=99ve all experienced that manager that=
provoked head scratching with wonder how the person landed the job, made y=
ou consider murder, or just had you contemplating leaving your position=E2=
=80=A6with or without a backup plan.

It=E2=80=99s really important to take a moment to consider why this person =
poses such a problem: do they remind you of someone you=E2=80=99d rather le=
ave as a distant memory? What is it really that rubs you the wrong way? Som=
etimes you can=E2=80=99t put your finger on it and it=E2=80=99s just a gut-=
level feeling. Perhaps you have issues with authority figures? As a relativ=
ely aware person (hopefully), I=E2=80=99ve observed the angst a new boss ca=
uses, as I=E2=80=99ve ben on either side of this coin. Some people freak ou=
t because they fear this new person is going to come in and change everythi=
ng, and people don=E2=80=99t like change.
When you have what=E2=80=99s perceived as a =E2=80=9Cchallenging manager=E2=
=80=9D, it=E2=80=99s important to quiet the negative talk and try to learn =
something from this person. If you only determine that you have a low thres=
hold for change, that=E2=80=99s something, and it can take some of the pres=
sure off of both you. You don=E2=80=99t have to adore this person, but mayb=
e, because they invoke their personal preference in the way things are done=
, there=E2=80=99s something to be learned. If you=E2=80=99re patient, you c=
an look for an opportunity to discuss the =E2=80=9Cwhy=E2=80=9D behind the =
changes and understand where they=E2=80=99re coming from.
In the off chance this relationship is a lost cause and your personalities =
just don=E2=80=99t mesh, maintain your professionalism (this person is resp=
onsible for evaluating your performance) and get your resume updated. There=
is no reason to stay in a volatile situation and risk being fired, it=E2=
=80=99s a much savvier move to make a preemptive strike and manage your car=
There is a constant opportunity to learn from others, as even the worst man=
agers can teach you something, like what not to do, but as you advance in y=
our career, perhaps the best person to learn from is you.