Recently, I’ve been posting the food I’ve prepared on Facebook for about two weeks. A few friends inquired, as it’s not my typical to share my culinary skills so publicly, but I did it for a reason. I’d fallen ill, no, not Corona, but a reaction to mold, and I had zero appetite. It didn’t help that I was being stressed by my family who made their judgement on why I’d lost 20 pounds, known (they weren’t wright). I heard them loud and clear and even tried to side with them. I wasn’t listening to me. 

Once I retrieved my taste buds, I had to listen to what my body needed. This can be done while grocery shopping, meditating, or any time at all. What fruit/vegetable/grain/animal is calling your name? 

It’s more than uncanny how often our bodies and minds tell us exactly what we need to know and eat. While recovering, I started out with congee. Simple congee with broth and rice, a comforting Japanese rice pudding. When I made it again, I made it with beef broth, added a poached egg, bacon, scallions and sesame seeds. There was the obligatory soy sauce. It was delicious and just what my body craved. It seemed like medicine rather than comfort food. My body craved the protein, sodium and starch that was lacking from my water based diet. It grew from there, my need for different nutrients, and I took it a step further by incorporating different food genres. I’ve always been partial to Mediterranean, but found myself all over the map, hence all the different Facebook posts.

At the time, I was wrestling with a lot of thoughts that I had to silence, as they weren’t mine, but thoughts being imposed on me from others telling me what was wrong as opposed to me, listening to me and my synopsis of what was happening. I listened to my body; I knew something wasn’t right. This happened to me a few years ago, when I discovered I had a DVT and pulmonary embolism and almost died. I saved myself then, all by myself, and I did it again.

Most recently, I’d been juicing more, making teas and smoothies and missed garbage day. The fruit decomposed and hence, mold!!!  Add to that a pandemic which kept me in the house without fresh air and sunlight (vitamin D), it was the perfect storm. And I fell ill. I lost about 20 pounds (not the diet I’d recommend), however, trusting my intuition, I knew with whom I should talk about this to, eventually. Those I turned to first, judged me and treated me unfavorably. I then spoke with those whom I trusted. They looked at my situation objectively, and they helped me. 

In order to rid my body of the mold, I was drawn to garlic. One of my friends who has dealt with mold before, agreed that garlic would help. However, oregano would be even better. So, I doubled down on the oregano, buying a very strong potion. We spoke about other toxins in my life, and admittedly, there were a few. Just as we have to let go of toxic environment and elements, we too, have to let go of toxic people.  That was a lesson, I think I needed to heed again.

Fighting my way back to health, the important thing here is that we listen to that voice, that whisper,  that tells us that something’s amiss. This can be with our bodies (cravings are very telling), and it can be with situations and people as well. I knew who would lead me down the right path. They were trusted. Not everyone deserves your trust or that they “help” you out of the kindness of their hearts. Some people are convinced they know everything, and are always right, especially when they aren’t. It’s important to quiet those people and their voices when they aren’t really helpful and you have the answer at your hands, or rather thoughts. 

Today, a lot of people compartmentalize and tend to believe that all X = Y, not taking into account that X has a bit of A, M, X in them, meaning, you can’t just look at a person and know who they are. People give signs that warn, or delight you about who they are at the core. It takes a listener to then hear the signs, whether they be positive or negative,  and then act accordingly. Because of this pandemic, there have been a number of horror stories about people just learning who their spouses are. They hadn’t spent this much time with the other, and now they just want out. There have been a few instances where couples have found a new normal and are flourishing, and let’s experience great pride in those who do. Let’s not let compartmentalizing or stereotyping get in the way of you living well. 

Speaking of stereotyping, just because I’m 5’4’’, Black, female, and of slim stature tells you nothing but that. Those are facts. It doesn’t tell you that I’m one of the nicest people you’ll probably ever meet, that I get along with most, I’m highly competitive, haven’t met a rule I didn’t want to break, I’m pretty confident, I don’t trust animals completely (another story for another time), that I’m highly intuitive, I’m comfortable in any situation and can read situations with ease. When you encounter others, keep this in mind. You have no idea what’s going on under the surface. Take a a beat to understand before you judge. 

We all have a keen sixth sense, it’s just a matter of listening up and paying attention to it. I help people do just that. As a Life Coach, I consider it an honor to help people quiet their minds and hear their inner voices. What’s yours telling you? 

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