a lot that=E2=80=99s happened in my life that I’ve just accepted: little n=
uggets of wisdom or dumb luck that goes unexplained. Whether it be =E2=80=
=9Cthe=E2=80=9D perfect opening to a story, an insight, turning left and av=
oiding an accident, losing a job, finding money, winning the lottery (the l=
argest single winning to date: $290) or maybe meeting someone serendipitiou=
sly and having them in my life significantly for a bit, a while or a lifeti=
me. Life is an uncertain, yet thrilling experience if you pay close attenti=
on to all the messages coming through.

I explore the ways we experience intuition in my book, Trusting the Tin=
, which will be published this Winter.
In what ways do you find inspiration and/=
=C2=A0or direction in your life?