Thankful happy african lady hugging her husband

It’s all about Gratitude

The Appreciation for the Life that we live, the People that we Love,
the Wealth that we increase, the Struggles that we overcome,
the Forgiveness that we receive, the full Joy that we experience.
All in all, they all come to us as we practice Gratitude in our lives and interactions.

Gratitude is a muscle

Gratitude is the muscle that we train, to build and forge our character.
It is the most important fiber that keeps our desires, our goals, our successes, our defeats,
all of them, in the memory of our present condition.

Gratitude is sharing

Gratitude is receiving and honoring by giving back the goods that we have. Through Gratitude,
we transform pains, failures, resentments by sharing our Appreciation for today.

Gratitude is healing

When we take time to understand our conditions; we analyze our paths, our roads, our mistakes;
We can face our fears and pains and move forward. Accept that we are in control of our lives and
that no one has control over us. No matter how bad it may seem, Gratitude forces you to take actions,
don’t stand still, don’t sabotage yourself but move forward.
With Gratitude, we learn to share our experiences and to take actions. We learn to break patterns that are negative so we can bring changes that are constructive and healing

Gratitude is Grace

There are so many things that we have to be Thankful and Grateful for.
First and foremost, always practice Gratitude with ourselves. Gratitude is the Appreciation for our lives, how we rise in the face of adversity. Never given up!
We show appreciation to our love ones, our family and friends, and we work for them effortlessly.

  • Gratitude is hugging and kissing our mother, with the look that says “I love you!”
  • Gratitude is holding a new born baby, protecting her, because she’s a new life, a new beginning.
  • Gratitude is Helping and caring for a friend, not asking anything in return, but who is so deserving of anything good.

Forgiveness is another way to practice Gratitude. It is the acceptance and remedy for our errors and mistakes. Then, press charge and go forward.
It is written:

Forgiveness is a gift for ourselves.

In appreciation, learn to forgive ourselves and then take actions, don’t stand still, don’t lament over your conditions, don’t resent, just move forward!
Today, take a deep look at your own conditions, see what’s holding you back; forgive yourself, take actions and decisions to rise above.
If you need to learn and develop new skills, go for it.
If you need to start a new business, or you need to travel to a new country, go for it, don’t hold yourself back.

Gratitude is the most effective through our actions.

Today, if you hear this voice inside of you, know this:

Gratitude is the fuel that not only keeps your vehicle moving, but with a full tank, you are able to reach new destinations and new heights. It brings forth new passengers along with you, for all to enjoy the new horizons.

Today, be Grateful for Life, Love, Health and Wealth.

Peace and Prosperity.