When I think about what’s happening today, and we all know of what I speak: unimaginable prejudice and relentless racism. I’m not sure why people are suddenly so up in arms about what has been prevalent for…ever. This is Flawed Thinking. There are many opinions out there:

Black Lives Matter. Our lives have always mattered (to us), what’s happening now is that there are ever present phones that capture the hate/dominance/racism/prejudice that can’t be denied, despite the lack of punishment that results from attacker’s actions. The slogan should read: Finally! Black Lives Matter (to the greater mass). Why wouldn’t my life matter more or less than yours????

All Lives Matter. Those who take offense to the previous point like to address the fact that all lives matter. Of course they do, however, these people fail to see how racism and prejudice have caused a rift in the experience of being an American to those of us who live here and are treated poorly, with disdain, and at an unequal standard of everyone else. They fail to realize that they were born mattering. The fact that they are born of a fairer race secured the fact that their lives matter. They can’t understand why now people are saying that Black lives matter. They don’t understand that, in fact, our lives didn’t. The violence that we have been subjected to is very telling. Because people have lost their lives just for being Black and there is no remorse/punitive action/discussion about it. That’s flawed thinking.

Companies pay employees differently just because of their race is flawed thinking. I’ve experienced this first hand when I discovered that a woman who was hired as my junior and when promoted to my level was offered more money than me. It happened again in the restaurant industry when one of the owners asked me to host for them, and offered me less than my white counterpart. I can’t speak for him, however, why else would he do this? I had experience hosting, and knew the computer system. She didn’t. Why would someone automatically offer more to one person over the other when the job is the same. Again, flawed thinking.

American beauty is judged based on the desires of those in power. I’ve always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder (or just that you like what YOU like, not what’s forced fed to you), others are swayed by media which portrays a very particular look as beautiful: tall, thin, blonde and blue eyes. The way the media portrays other races, particularly, Black women, is very unfavorable. Flawed thinking.

Anyone who treats another person poorly or at a diminished level of (friendship/respect/caring…) is a flawed individual.

Who decided that “this” Black person is better than “that” Black person, and when did Black people buy into the idea and then subsequently compete with one another to become “this” Black person who is accepted by the majority society? This is flawed thinking. It seems that everyone wants to be better than another. No one wants to be the low person on the totem pole, but treating people poorly just because they don’t look like, they don’t believe what you believe, are not like you, shows your lack of character and how flawed you are.

What’s not flawed thinking is knowing that we are all one. That no one is better than the other simply because they were born. That people are good, bad, flawed, imperfect, great for us, bad for us, and this has nothing to do with to whom they were born. Unless you actually have a chance to interact with a person, you won’t know who they are or where they fall on this scale of good to bad. To act on ignorance rather than knowledge or intuition is flawed thinking.

Take a second.  Think about it.

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