Although we are in a pandemic, many of us are a little frustrated by the dating situation. Dating today is nothing more than showing your Covid test results and hanging out at his, hers, or your home. There really is not more else to do. Or is there? If you’re in a relationship, take a moment to make it fresh. Focus on  the positive: Why do you like him or her? Why do you want to spend time together? Dating can be fun when we are dating smart. Even during a pandemic.

A friend recently discussed the perils of online dating. She shared that today during this pandemic, it’s a hook-up culture…at every age. I challenged her because I believe that we can cultivate the relationship we want whether online, through friends’ referral, or by chance. We know what we want. We can be smarter when dating, and it has everything to do with us. However you date, there are several things that come to play:

  1. Physical attraction: you like what you see.
  2. Chemistry: there’s an undeniable pull when you’re together; you sense him/her.
  3. Fondness: you like the person. You have a great conversation with him/her almost every time you speak. You look forward to talking with that person.
  4. Emotional attraction: you feel safe. You trust him/her with your emotions.
  5. Reliability/Consistency: They show up. Answers calls/texts. S/He calls/texts and dates you. This person wants to know you.
  6. Sexual attraction: speaks for itself. You want to take things to the next level.
  7. Sexual compatibility. Check!

How do you feel in his/her presence? Are you able to be you? Are you trying to be who the other person  thinks you to be, or is he accepting you as you? Be you, because trying to be  who you aren’t is like falling down a rabbit hole. Be smart and date smartly. When you’re lying about  you, you can’t keep it up. It’s a bit like cat fishing and don’t we ladies hate that?

Things appear to be on the right trajectory. Who knows how long it will last, but this gives us an indication of success. We can take things out of order, because, honestly when we know, we know. This is Dating Smart. #Trustingthetingles