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Brandi Posted December 22, 2014 at1:23 pm   Reply
andwri19 Posted December 22, 2014 at8:17 pm   Reply

Hi Brandi. If this is a clinical depression=
, I’d definitely recommend speaking with a doctor. A lot of us are affected=
around this time (winter/lack of sun (SAD)/holidays). If this is your case=
, I can definitely help you with strategies to combat down times.=20
Feel free to reach out via email at for a 30 min eva=
Best to you!

peggyprophete Posted April 5, 2015 at5:06 am   Reply

After decades of mistakes and stubbornness =
I am following my heart. I am 40-ish and have finally surrendered to the ri=
ght path. It is rather liberating.

andwri19 Posted November 24, 2015 at2:55 am   Reply

Congrats, Peggy! Glad to read it. This was =
in my drafts!!! I hope you’re well.

Sannynox Posted December 9, 2018 at6:56 pm   Reply

Make a more new posts please 🙂

trustingthetingles Posted February 7, 2019 at3:03 pm   Reply

Thanks for your messsage…have been working on book number 3. I posted today and will continue to post more often.

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