For many people, confidence is something that you are either born with, but it can be argued that it can be learned as well. With the right coach, confidence is a like a muscle, a fiber that we are all born with that we can train to achieve our goals.

In fact, true confidence means that we are comfortable with both our power and limitations.
There are several ways to develop and enhance this muscle.

1. Know yourself:

Make a list of all your skills and talents, the things that you do well; It can be your charm to make people laugh, to brighten their day. Maybe, it’s your ability to come up with an execution plan to resolve a problem. Maybe, it’s your creativity or ingenuity. Make a list, you will surprise yourself with how many skills that you have that have gone undetected.

2. Shut down the inner critic:

You can be your own worst enemy. The voice that constantly compares yourself to others, to a celebrity, family member or a neighbor. The critic is detrimental since it lowers our own value by making unfair and unnecessary comparisons, and it can also keep us from trying and adjusting the efforts necessary to succeed based on our efforts. Instead, recognize and applaud yourself for the things you do well.

3. Trust your Intuition:

You know best what works for you. Trust your instinct. Sure, we can reach out to a healthy friend for advice but seeking constant approval from nay-sayers, when you already know the steps that you need to take, is the primary reason that many do not even start. We all have intuition, which, just like confidence can be trained and can help us make better decisions.

4. Take Action:

The one trait that separates those who succeed and those who don’t: those who succeed take action.

Don’t spend all your time in the basement when the master bedroom is the place to start. Do your work as soon you wake up.

Whatever you set your mind to accomplish, go for it! Do not delay, do not procrastinate or over think it, just take action.

5. Don’t make Excuses:

The fact that many ideas never see the light of the day because of excuses, can be a product of a ¬†fear of failure, or a fear of success in some cases. In life, one must learn to conquer our fears and set no obstacles in your heart for inaction. Stop apologizing for being too short, too tall, too big or too small. Don’t be unnecessarily judgmental, be You! Be grateful, be formidable, be ready to kick start your journey.

Today, make a plan and settle in your heart to accomplish whatever you decide.

6. Be Proud, be Patient for Victory:

When you act, you learn to adjust your own behaviors, so be proud of it! Be patient if results don’t come right away, adjust your actions to get the outcomes you want. Be bold, be courageous.

Confidence is your growth, your adjustments to better yourself. Confidence is you being formidable for you! It’s you being courageous, brave and smart enough to trust your intuition (or Tingles). Now, go flex those muscles with confidence.


  • Traci
    Posted April 28, 2020 1:19 pm 0Likes

    Wise words and reminders, thank you

    • Andrea
      Posted April 28, 2020 4:00 pm 0Likes

      Many thanks! Stay healthy!

  • Felicia
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