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Ask Andi

Do you have a burning question. I have a list of FAQs (listed below), but if your question isn’t there, shoot me an email, and I will answer it as honestly as I can.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    One of the most frequently asked questions I receive as a Life Coach is, “Is it possible to be truly happy?”

    This is a tricky question depending on who’s asking it. Happiness is relative; what makes me happy can be totally different from what makes you happy, and like beauty, it’s in the mind (eye) of the beholder.

    Ever the optimist, I think, yes, happiness is possible if one truly wants it. As a coach, I would have the person map out different aspects of his or her life: career, family, health, etc. and then rate them. What are they happiest with? What’s more challenging? Drumroll…the big question, WHY?

    Like anything that’s worth having: marriage, friendship, career, and happiness, it all takes work. In addition to work, it also requires that you take a long, hard and honest look at you: who you are, what you want, what you don’t want, and then prioritizing your goals in order to achieve them.

    Another frequently posed question: “How do I hire a coach?”

    That’s easy, hire me! I’m serious. Ok, the real way to hire a coach is to treat the process like a true hire. You wouldn’t hire the first person who walked through your door as your EVP of Marketing without doing a bit of research, right?

    You will want to interview several coaches, understand his or her philosophy on life (and whatever topics you wish to work through). Review his or her site, books (if applicable…which it is in my case:), and credentials. Also, ask for references!

    As the author of Trusting the Tingles, I highly recommend tuning in to your feelings about the coaches you interview. Who gave you the tingles? Who made you comfortable? Who inspired confidence in helping you meet your goals?

    Lastly, the third most frequently asked question: “How do I achieve work-life balance?”

    I love this question because it crosses over the coaching I provide: Life and Career. This is another area where one will need to be perfectly honest with themselves and in the case of a family, his or her significant other.

    1. What are your family/life goals?
    2. What are your work goals?
      1. Are they in conflict with one another?
      2. What does your significant other think?
    3. Have you discussed your five year plan with your immediate manager? The VP of the company?
      1. Ideally, they will need to know your plans and you will have to get on their radar.
    4. Are you burning the candle at both ends (working too hard, playing too hard? As a result, what’s suffering, work or life?) What’s most important to you right now?

    Ultimately, you want to be happy in life and at work, which is a nice transition to the first FAQ, “Can one truly be happy?” In conclusion, it is possible if you put in the work. That’s what makes what I do so rewarding.

    What are some of your burning questions? I’d love to have an opportunity to answer them!